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Anconcagua PeakWorld renowned for the wine produced in the area and standing right near the Aconcagua peak, Mendoza is the perfect place to take an active holiday while visiting Argentina.


Mendoza is located on the eastern side of the Andes and in the western part of Argentina. It’s really close to the Aconcagua peak, the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas.

How to get to Mendoza

Mendoza International Airport receives both domestic and international flights. It takes 2 hours to fly from Buenos Aires and only an hour from Chile (Santiago).

There are plenty of bus connections to Mendoza. It takes 8 hours by bus to get to Mendoza from Chile but the ride is right in the heart of the Andes, offering some beautiful landscapes. It takes over 13 hours to get to the city from the capital, Buenos Aires.


Summers are really hot and dry with January being the hottest month, the area being classified as semi-dessert. The mountains are cool even in the summer though. Winters are relatively cold in the city and very cold in the mountains.


Jan avg high 31C/88F; avg low 18C/66F
Jul avg high 14 C/58F; avg low 2C/37F

What to do

There’s a tourist kiosk at Garibaldi y San Martín. English is spoken and you can find useful information about what you can do in the city.

Many wineries (bodegas) offer tours and wine testing activities. Such tours are at their peak during harvest time: March and April. Don’t forget to buy some wine! Ask at the tourist kiosk or check out the culture section of the newspapers for details.

Festivals are plenty and mostly free. One of the most important is the harvest festival, taking place at the end of February.

During winter, you can ski in the mountains near-by. Many ski centers are located really close to the city.

The area is very popular for active holidays which include: hiking, trekking, rafting, horse back riding, paraglading and mountain biking.