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Things to Do

TangoArgentina is a diverse and interesting country. You can soak in the sun , hike up a glacier, walk among penguins, trek in the mountains, watch a tango show, watch a football match or just stroll in the cities.


You might not be the world’s biggest football (soccer) fan but you must have heard about Maradona (either for its great accomplishments or addictions). So why not spend your vacation by watching some of Boca’s matches (the club where Maradona started his career).

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The Andes are very beautiful and diverse. You can trek the numerous trails in the woods or hike up on one of the glaciers. No matter which one you choose, remember to hire a guide.

Wine Tours

Although Argentina is not yet known as a major international wine producer, when you visit the country it’s worth it to try some of the local wines. And why not, head to one of the wineries where you can see the entire process of making the wine and taste some of the varieties. The area around Mendoza is particularly popular and you can easily find agencies which organize such tours.


There are many places where you can watch a tango show or even learn how to dance tango. For an interesting vacation, take your loved one and love the passionate dance of tango right in its birth country.